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What's GRF?

Ground Reaction Force (GRF) is the biomechanical term for the force exerted by the ground on the sole of the foot during weight-bearing activities. Based on our best-selling TOTAL SUPPORT™ replacement insoles, the Spenco® GRF replacement insole is designed to modulate the magnitude and direction of GRF to enhance the efficiency of vertical leaps and reduce the risk of ankle sprains. They also provide a unique combination of arch support, forefoot cushioning, and energy return.

Spenco® is the leader in performance insoles: 

The new GRF insole draws on over 45 years of insole design and medically-driven research that gives athletes—both pro and pick-up—advantages over their competition. The science behind the product starts with the unique foot-motion basketball demands. Specialized impact zones in the forefoot and midfoot provide support and responsiveness to help you power load before jump shots, rebounds or dunks. During pivoting, a patented honeycombed soft spot collapses at just the right point to help reduce pressure and friction on the forefoot. No matter what position your foot is in, GRF technology supports your arch, stabilizes your foot prior to push off, and helps correct over-rotation on landing. And finally, GRF insoles help basketball players grip the court and land properly with less impact and less likelihood of ankle roll. It’s not just the shoes, but what you put into them.

Spenco GRF Replacement Insoles. Maximum Performance. For Basketball Only.